Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Migron Nightmare

My sources from Migron can't figure out what they did wrong.  They did the "right thing" according to their advisers, and now they've lost their homes and are discovering that the "new Migron" is not much sturdier than the "fake town" in Blazing Saddles.

"We've been suckered in." Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles
The "new Migron" may look pretty impressive from the road, but...

It hasn't even rained yet, and the earthwork is already crumbling.  People who have tried the electricity have found that systems don't work, and water tanks are seriously leaking.

Photo by Batya Medad

Necessary community structures like pre-schools, synagogue etc are not ready, not at all. The residents are scattered in a number of locations.  They followed the advice of "experts" and got "suckered in" for sure.  Some angry and disappointed residents are wondering why they hadn't gone the way of Givat Asaf which not only hasn't been moved and destroyed, but is even growing.

In the beginning they had lots of political visitors, veteran, powerful Knesset Members, including from the coalition, who promised to help and support them, but when push came to shove, the only ones with them are MK Dr. Arye Eldad and MK Michael Ben-Ari, both from the National Union, Ichud Le'umi.

Coalition MK's are held on a tight leash by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. This is proof again that it is extremely important to vote for a party that holds principles above all else and doesn't aim to be in a coalition.  The larger and stronger the NU is, the better the Likud will be.  Right now, the opposition form the Left is pulling him Left.  We need a strong and large opposition on the Right!

There's  a very important lesson to be  learned.

Vote Ichud Le'umi, National Union!!


Hadassa said...

What did they do wrong? They trusted the same people who betrayed us (I'm from Gush Katif). They tried to bargain over G-d's Land and they publicaly "changed their story" - even though the actual situation didn't change - twice in the course of their bargaining. I may be able to add more later.
Isn't Uri Ariel of the National Union still supporting them?
Why did they think that they would receive decent housing immediately when the previous expellees didn't receive such, not immediately and in some cases never?

Batya said...

Hadassa, yes, I'm not surprised by the results, only that they didn't learn from the past.
We see things the same.
Only Eldad and Ben-Ari were mentioned by my source.

goyisherebbe said...

I agree with you strongly, Batya. But I must add that I still believe it is important to be a member of the Likud and vote in the primary there because it is the governing party. Then I vote in the general election for NU, the Ichud Leumi. Rav Aviner, the collaborator from the fake Gush Katif "struggle" says that is unethical. I say poo to him. He has shown himself to be either a willing and effective collaborator with Sharon and Olmert or a well-meaning and ineffective wuss. He may have some other failings, too. I believe Feiglin more than I believe Shlomo Aviner. Moshe Feiglin admits the struggle will be long and believes we have to fight a little dirty.

Batya said...

after last election's disaster when Bibi changed the order of the primaries result...
But if I can vote in the internal elections I will but I won't send those Likud crooks my vote to Knesset.