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Monday, September 10, 2012

The PA Arab Terrorists Fundraising for Deadly Rockets

Ruthie Blum provides us with excellent information about the finances of the Pseudistinians aka Palestinians sic.
“...that the PA was hoping Congress would approve the U.S. Administration's request for $200 million in aid to the Palestinians.”

The rest of us ought to pray that the request is denied. This is because, wherever such a bundle would be spent in the PA, not a penny of it would go to improving the lot of average Palestinians.

On the contrary, it turns out that among the highest wage earners, other than the corrupt leaders and their cronies, are Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in Israeli prisons for minor crimes such as mass murder. In fact, such terrorists were placed on the official PA payroll in 2003, when a law was enacted granting anyone imprisoned for fighting against “the Israeli Occupation” a monthly salary based on the severity of the offense and length of time spent behind bars. The longer the term, the higher the salary, as was reported this week on Channel 2. Just over a year ago, in 2011, the PA raised these salaries by 300%. Since then, it has spent over $4 million per month on these “salaries,” and more than $6 million per month to families of suicide bombers.

Not only that: a monthly fee is also paid to Israeli Arabs serving time for having committed acts of terrorism against Jews, or for having aided and abetted Palestinians who committed such acts.
Americans, and not only Jewish ones:

Is that what you want the United States Government to do with your tax dollars?

Remember that the PA also invests in the missiles they fire at Israel.
Rocket fired from Gaza scores direct hit on Netivot home
Three Grad-type rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel late Saturday and early Sunday, with one rocket scoring a direct hit on a home in Netivot, Army Radio reported Sunday. A man who was inside in the Netivot home was not hurt, but the structure, and several neighboring homes, sustained massive damage.
Three people were hurt when they fell while running to a bomb shelter, and four more people were treated for shock.
Two rockets were launched overnight, with one hitting Netivot and the other striking the Beersheba area. The second rocket has not yet been located. Early Sunday, a third rocket exploded within Gaza territory, but not before setting off the warning siren in Ashkelon.
Damage to a home in Netivot caused by the direct hit of a Grad rocket on Saturday night.
Photo credit: Dudu Grunshpan
Simply put, money donated to the "PA" goes to their two pet projects, their leaders' pockets or for weapons and terrorits' payments to be used against Israel.

A Palestinian protester wearing a Guy Fawkes mask gestures as he
stands near a burning effigy of Salam Fayyad during a demonstration
against the high cost of living, in the West Bank city of Hebron on
Sept. 4, 2012. (Reuters/Mussa Qawasma)
And those so-called human rights groups that support the Palestinians are really anti-Israel fronts out to destroy Israel, like the ones supporting the case against Israel by Rachel Corrie's family.

Just to remind you that Israel is a very small country. 
From Israel Matzav
 Netivot is approximately eleven kilometers from Gaza 

If you take that arrow and connect Netivot to Tel Aviv, you'll see that it's about another eleven kilometers as the crow flies. Tel Aviv is only about twenty kilometers from Gaza, which is less than fourteen miles.  Jerusalem is a drop more.

These Arab terrorists endanger the security and very existence of the State of Israel.  They shouldn't be coddled and supported by world powers.


Miriam said...

Batya, I hope your posting travels through the States and Europe.

Your facts are right on [no pun intended] If an arab wants to be successful and give his family the 'good' life, the occupation he chooses is terrorism against Israel and Jews.

I am sharing your post and I would encourage everyone who reads it to do the same..


Batya said...

Miriam, thanks, just keep asking more people to share it. You guys are on the close frontline. If we don't stop them, then we'll all be attacked.