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Monday, July 9, 2007


An amazing discovery took place yesterday, which received very little coverage, except on some Hebrew news websites.

The following was on Arutz Sheva's News Briefs:
Miriam's Well - Found in the Kinneret

(IsraelNN.com) The spot of Miriam's Well, as identified by the 16th-century Kabbalist sage Rabbi Yitzchak Luria (also known as the Arizal), who lived in Tzfat, has been found once again. Talmudic tradition has it that the source of water for the Israelites during their 40 years in the desert was the Well of Miriam, and that when they arrived in the Promised Land, the Well was "deposited" somewhere near Mt. Carmel or in the Kinneret [Sea of Galilee]. The Arizal identified the exact spot of the Well as being near or between certain ancient pillars in the Kinneret. These pillars have now once again been found, just south of the Tiberias Municipal Beach.


Much more detail, in Hebrew can be found on the Hebrew NFC news website, which broke the story.


BUT for the Significance of this Discovery, such as:

The Boundaries of the Tribes of Israel

...the Me'am Loez explains that the "Well of Miriam" was more to the Israelites than just their source of water. When the leading clouds came to a stop it indicated to the nation that they should make camp. The arrangement of the camp as detailed in the beginning of the Book of Bamidbar was deliberate and divine, and directed initially by the Well, which would move to the very center of the camp, marking the position of the Tabernacle. The Well then overflowed and created a canal system that delineated the placement and boundaries of each tribe within the desert encampment.

...for that you'll have to read the entire post, The Significance of Miriam's Well, at my other blog, Heichal HaNegina. Enjoy!

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