Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yes, Bibi, I agree, but...

That's true, but your time as PM wasn't all that much better. I've been saying the same things about Barak. Maybe you read this blog? Or your staff? I wouldn't be surprised, but if that's the case, you'd know from the comments of my other readers that we can't forget the terrible things you did to our control of Hebron, for example.

Sylvan Sour Grapes Shalom quit trying to compete with you. I could never figure him out and wonder whom he's going to latch onto.

You're no "metzi'ah," great find either. Your big problem is that you want to be perceived as a "moderate," in the "center." Parve may be great in the kitchen, but it's traif in terms of leadership.

A leader must have clear "vision," meat or dairy. You have to have a clear direction and not try to attract all to the middle. It's an oxymoron to be a leader of the middle, since the middle isn't going any place. At best it treads water, and just surviving isn't enough.

Arkady Gaydamak's popularity should have you frightened, not as a politician competing for votes, but as an American educated man. We're of the same generation and know that when a country's population is looking for a savior to solve all their problems, they're looking for a dictator.

You have potential, training and a staff. Too bad you're wasting it pointing out the lard in Barak and how his policies have endangered us, but that's old news.

Bibi, you haven't shown that you're any better.


Anonymous said...

Brava! As we kids used to say during softball games, "We want a pitcher/Not a belly-itcher."

Batya said...

Perfect, especially since baseball has arrived in Israel.

Cosmic X said...

The way things look we'll probably get Bibi as the next PM. This time around we won't expect too much from him.

KennewickMusing said...

Great to see baseball in Israel, by the way.

Well said, Batya. "Moderate" might as well be "moron" simply because there's no solid foundation of belief, morals or values.

Batya said...

cos' yes, true, but maybe it'll be better, since we won't be expecting anything good
and maybe Feiglin will get some power in Likud, though I'd prefer that he and Merzel join NU

k, you're right
moderate means blahh