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Monday, July 23, 2007

Draft Evaders

The real Israeli draft evasion is not from the Chareidi males; it's from the "yaldei shammenet," creme de la creme, the upper classes and those who worship the super secular celebrities who flaunt their draft evasion.

That's the truth and it's alluded to in this article which discusses how the army is trying to get the kids to go in a join the units most in need of soldiers.


Anonymous said...

Olmert's children, the poster examples of secular draft evasion

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

As usual, the first people to point fingers are the ones who need to point at themselves.
What I liked about the Tal Law was that it allowed the Chareidi youth to participate in the national effort without putting them into the army where they would not feel like they belong. It was an opportunity to encourage acts of gemilus chasadim. And lest someone criticize that, remember that many chareidim did exactly that kind of supportive stuff during the Second Lebanon War. Why did it take a war to bring it out?

Anonymous said...

it has absolutely nothing to do with what Haredi youth want and everything to do about what their rabbis decide. For the sake of Haredi outlook, national service and army are the same thing. It means exposing Haredi youth to an external experience where they are not protected and have rabbis and like-people around watching out for them.

The Haredis are also trying to struggle with the issue of how much to participate in the 'State of Israel'. Their current policy is 'as little as possible'. Their members of knesset (the ashkenazi ones at least) are not allowed to be ministers in order to limit that involement.

FWIW, when the going gets rough, genuine people always unite in the effort.

Batya said...

so true, what all of you have written

I'm still in NY so can't write much