Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Sa'ar versus Netanyahu Bad For Likud

I never really thought much of Gidon Saar, the wannabe running against Bibi in the Likud Primaries. I've voted in many Likud Primaries in the past, and this one is bad news.

That's because it's obvious that Blue and White will be marking down all the nasty stuff said against each of Likud's candidates in order to use the dirt against the winner. So whoever wins will lose.

Saar should have declared that although in the future he thinks he'll be Likud leader, but for the good of the country and the party, he's supporting Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu so Likud will win the national Knesset Elections.

Could Saar be a pawn of whoever is bankrolling Blue and White?


Mr. Cohen said...

article by Rabbi Chananya Weissman
about Israeli politicians:

The Question No One Wants To Answer
by Chananya Weissman


JP said...

You do realise Gantz want Bibi to win right? If Bibi isn’t head of the Likud then Gantz has no reason to run. Your theory I am afraid is completely off. Sa’ar is a true Likud voice who is promoting the democratic values of the party... how is that a bad thing?

Batya said...

JP, Sa'ar's timing is bad. It all stinks