Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Likud Primaries Today, Gevalt! Haven't a Clue

Today's the Likud Primaries. Somehow even though I've never voted Likud in Knesset Elections, I must have signed up as a Likud member. That means that out of some bank account, we pay dues. That gives me the privilege, and I'm not being all that sarcastic, to influence the rankings/chances of politicians and wannabes in Israel's ruling party.

In previous primaries, I'd had a pretty good idea of whom to vote for. But this time I really haven't paid much attention. But in a few hours I'm going to have to make a choice. There are a few "no ways," and some people I do want in.

The last thing I look for are the platforms and promises they make. That's because, are you shocked, people lie and/or hire slick writing teams. 

Gd willing some wise friends will call me with reliable advice. Otherwise, maybe I should just endendino, or as we say in English:
eenie meenie miney mo

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