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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Good News for Blogspot Bloggers!

After a break of many months or longer, we can now again receive notification of comments on our blogs.

I don't know why they stopped sending us the letters, but I'm very happy that blogger has resumed the service.

To get notifications of comments the blogger must check the relevant section of the "set up" page. And if you used to get the notifications and now don't, you should have gotten a letter from blogger asking you to click that you want them resumed. If you haven't received the letter, it may be in spam. Check there, and/or do a search in your mail program for comments.

Happy blogging.


Mr. Cohen said...

Over the past 5 to 10 years, most
Jewish blogs have been discontinued.

In many cases, the blog moderators did not
say goodbye or explain why they abandoned
their blogs; they just suddenly stopped.

One common pattern is [or was] for single
Jewish girls blogging for emotional relief
during their single years, then suddenly
abandoning their blogs when they got married,
even if their blogs had many followers.

Internet technologies from the 1990s like:
blogspot, Craig's List and Yahoo Groups
seem to have been obliterated by FaceBook.


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and the Middle East, then do not waste
your time with the FAKE NEWS
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Batya said...

One reason many people stopped independent blogging is because they prefer blogging on big news sites. Other people just got tired of blogging and felt that it wasn't worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

Hello Batya,

this is to wish you and all your family a

Happy Shana Tova, 5779 !.

May it bring you and yours, and all of AM Israel, and the general world, peace with the coming of Mashiach, and may Hashem send the Mashiach Amen.

Thank you for your blog and the various news and topics that you share with readers.
Hope you are enjoying your kitchen, especially all the yum yum baking for 5779..

Gd bless you and yours.

Batya said...

stella, thanks so much
It's letters like yours that encourage me to keep on blogging. Everytime I wonder if I should just quit, like so many excellent bloggers have, someone tells me how much they enjoy my blogs, and I know it's worth the efforts. Besides that, I enjoy writing. Thanks for being in touch.