Friday, May 1, 2020

Disgusted With The Latest Coalition News in Israel

I really am disgusted, and that's why I haven't blogged about it of late. I had been hoping that Bibi-Likud would have just made a tighter coalition. He could have made Gantz beg, certainly not offer so many ministerial posts and power.

Would you prefer another round of elections?

To be perfectly honest, I would have preferred a fourth round of elections.

Considering all that's going on with corona aka COVID-19 and security, the State of Israel is doing so much better than other countries.

My guess is that the Judicial is conspiring against Bibi, and he needs the backing of Gantz and crew. Latest news is that Mandelblit says that Bibi Netanyahu is legally permitted to form a new government. That's after Bibi got Gantz, Ashkenazi and Labor to join up with him.

Something stinks. It's that simple. Eventually we'll find out more of what's behind this.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Learning from Judaism, that Hashem is in control for everything.

So why worry.. why not just put ALL trust in Hashem nu?

Hashem neither slumbers or sleeps.

So just daven to Hashem, the best thing to do..:)

Batya said...

Not so simple. We have Free Will. We aren't puppets controlled by Gd. "Hishtadlut," we must make efforts.

Anonymous said...

Okay.whatever, i just keep hearing again and again, from many Jewish rabbis, that everything is run and happens as Hashem wills.

Yes, i do believe free will to choose between doing right or wrong.. oh dear, it is all confusing, but these days were predicted too by Prophets, and we are seeing what was predicted unfold. One thing that is stressed from stopping the 'bad' is to do teshuva, and turn to Hashem, and pray...

okay, that's that... oh dear... Have a good week...


Batya said...

Honestly, I don't listen to those rabbis, because they ignore individual responsibility. The Jewish way is to be proactive and take responsibility for our actions.
How many of them were on the ball at the very beginning of this pandemic? Very few. And did they do teshuva for their mistakes? I haven't heard any apologies.