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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Three 3 Weeks to Purim 5779 Jewish Israeli Blog Roundup

Not only is it three weeks to Purim, but we're just over a month to the 2019, 5779 Israeli Knesset Elections. Generally these two topics generate some very interesting Jewish Israeli blog posts.

I hope you enjoy the selection of blog posts, I've chosen. Please check them out, comment and share, and if you have any additional blogs to suggest, please let me know in the comments, thanks. As is my custom, I'm just listing titles here. Enjoy.

Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions to The 2019 Finals!
Gala World Betar Reunion, Updated
The Misleading Times of Israel
Generational Baton (Vayakhel)
Searching for Family Roots/Stories, The Spiegelman's of Nasielsk*, Poland
Eating My Way Through (Her) Cancer
Beginning - Middle - End
Who Wrote: "We must be free of the Arabs"?
Dershowitz explains why indicting Netanyahu over petty issues is bad for democracy
Leadership Bankruptcy in NRP aka Jewish Home Party
why is Shas about to disappear? (video)
Hamas Still Fighting a Losing Battle…Against Israeli Food Products
Oh My Goodness (OMG) from Beer Bazaar
Kushner "Peace" sic Deal- Dumb and Dangerous
1001 objects from Israel - The Suspicious Object
The Importance of Being Lit

Which was your favorite and least favorite post? You can tell me in comments, thanks.


Mr. Cohen said...

The theme of this blog post is “3 weeks to Purim”.

This short article matches that theme:


Refuting the Fans of Vashti:


Batya said...

Vashti was the elephant in the room throughout the Megilat Ester.