Friday, August 10, 2018

SHILOH 40 שילה Memories

In Hebrew, made for the 40th celebrations.

בעברית לכבוד 40 שנה בשילה, זכרונות


Mr. Cohen said...

Throughout Jewish History, Jews have
often suffered from enemies that they
could not reason with or negotiate with.

Even in our times, Radical Muslim
terrorists are close-minded fanatics
who cannot be reasoned with or negotiated
with, and the same thing is true for
Christian missionaries who target Jews
for conversion to their beliefs, and
the same thing is true for the political
Far-Leftists who hate Israel unconditionally
and love Muslims unconditionally.

Facts and logic mean very little to these
enemies of Jews, because their beliefs
are determined by sacred narratives and
fictional histories and crazy conspiracy
theories, not by actual facts-on-the-ground.

As a result, the truth has gone lost,
as mentioned in the Mishnah,
tractate Sotah, chapter 9,
last paragraph.

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Batya said...

What did you think of the history in this post?

Mr. Cohen said...

The history in this post is important
and should not be forgotten.

If the greatest tragedy of Jews today
is that they forgot their Torah, then
the second greatest tragedy of Jews
today is that they forgot their History.