Thursday, February 24, 2005

Two interesting new articles

No great surprise for us, but a real embarrassment for all the "brilliant sociologists," social commentators, and other self-proclaimed prophets. Popular knowledge for the past hundred years, ever since Jews began streaming, fleeing out of the shtetels of eastern Europe into enlightened USA, throwing off their hats, shaving the beards, cutting paot, pigging out on traif....
Everyone knew that Orthodoxy was going with their Yiddish accents. People were certain that by the 21st century Tfilin would be on display in museums.
But, surprise! READ THIS

Now, you should understand what "tzaddikim" the government is, showing their sympathy and sensitivity. Not only will they provide psychological services for the battered refugees, they're not going to drag people out their homes on Shabbat!

Oy, the Moshiach should definitely be on his way, G-d willing, but with our help.

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