Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Dovrat, The Hundredth and Publications

Dovrat-I plan on being at the anti-Dovrat rally today. There should be teachers from all over at Binyanei Ha'uma, Jerusalem. Honestly and unfortunately, I don't think that the government cares what teachers think. I don't think they care about education. I personally know Limor Livnat's mother, and Limor is a disgrace to her family. A number of years ago there was an Israeli TV show, "medor l'dor," "From Generation to Genertion." Limor, her brother Noam and their mother Shulamit appeared together. Shulamit is a professional singer and works with Geula Cohen's educational programs and activities. Shulamit was asked how she felt about her son Noam becoming religious. Her answer was: "We raised the children to be strongly Jewish, and his being religious is consistent with that." I don't have the heart to ask her what she thinks of Limor's policies.

I'm still waiting for more repsonses about how to "celebrate" my One Hundredth Musing.

I need to know about all publications and internet lists that use my musings. Not to stop them, G-d forbid, just to be able to see how far and wide they're going. Also, I'm accepting commissions for an "aliya series" to celebrate our 35 years in Israel by G-d willing accompanying a Nefesh B'Nefesh flight from the states this summer. Please contact me shilohmuse@yahoo.com

Thanks and Chodesh Tov
mishenichnas Adar, marbim b'simcha
When the month of Adar begins, joy is increased

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