Thursday, February 10, 2005

other Dovrat reactions-a parent's point of view

Subject: dovrat - a parent's point of view

Hi all,

I am an English teacher but also a mum (like most of you, I guess), and the Dovrat report frightens me not only as a teacher but also as a mother. I do not want my daughter to stay at school for so long every day,especially not when she is young, I do not want her to eat sandwiches for lunch on her table in the classroom, I do not think that she will learn better at 15:00 every day - what do I want? I want her to come home for lunch (even if I won't be there all the time), to have some time off between school and the rest of her day, to have energy to do something else out of school during the afternoons, and to see her as much as possible.


There is a petition starting on the Internet of parents who feel thesame and want to make a change -

Please read it ( It is only in Hebrew), sign it and pass it on. Together we can make a difference


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