Saturday, February 26, 2005


This is in bold as a cry of pain!

The terrorists were hard at work in Tel Aviv, Friday night. Yes, Davka, Tel Aviv. and davka a night club
4 murdered and dozens injured
Is that peace?
Is it?
Now, what do the Arabs really want? Who's talking peace? And who's threatening whom? Can you believe what they say? Take a good look and a clear "think."

The country's in danger, and the Jews in YESHA aren't the enemy. We're just trying to be good citizens, loyal citizens to "G-d and country." Isn't that what they used to say in the states? That seems to bother some people. Our kids are in the most dangerous of the elite units of the army. Instead of valuing in them, the government is turning on them.

Israeli kids were once raised on the heroic stories of the founding of the kibbutzim and the "moshavot." Now they're embarrassed by them, except for us. We're still living the Zionist dream. And we're treated like enemies, while the real enemies are excused for murdering.

But on a lighter and more joyous note. Read about the wonderful kids here in Israel and what they wrote. There was an essay contest initiated and organized by Yoel Ben Avraham. Israeli students from all over the country sent essays. The winners were just announced.

May there be a Shavua tov and geula shleimah b'mherah b'yamenu!

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