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Thursday, January 4, 2024

Israel Attacked by Hamas 2023/5784, War Musings #14 Read & Follow The Bible Tanach

This is basically a quick continuation of my previous War Musing, War Musings #13 We're All Hostages of Hamas, Dangerous Faux Morality & Pressures.

First I'd like to remind everyone that not a single solitary country, besides Israel follows the "war morality" that protects its enemies at the expense/endangerment of its soldiers and civilians. Honestly, I don't mind our being unique or first in some things, but being the one and only in this category is stupidly suicidal, not moral. The Nazis and Japanese would have won World War Two if the Allies had followed such rules.

Considering that Hamas attacked when Israeli society had been severely weakened by dissention, internal problems, makes it most similar the the Biblical Amalek. Amalek attacked the rear, the weak, like the terrorist Hamas. 

Israel's weakest border is/was the southern one with small communities populated by "peaceniks" who were so trusting of their Gazan neighbors that many didn't even have armed local self-defense staff. Many residents trusted their friends on the other side of the border. Afterwards, these friends were recognized in the security films of the surprise attack...

Biblical King Saul, the first Jewish king was ordered by Gd to kill of a Amalek, men, women and children, plus to destroy all of their animals. Saul lost the kingship, because he didn't obey those orders.

Earlier in the biblical narrative we hear Abraham debating with Gd about the destruction of two evil cities. Abraham, like many modern Israelis, worried about the "innocent civilians" who'd be harmed. Gd challenged Abraham to find a number of innocents, my version here, so they could be saved. In the end, not even a minimum amount of innocents were found, and the cities were destroyed. The only survivors were Abraham's relative Lot, plus Lot's wife and two daughters. When the wife looked back, she, too, was killed by Gd.

End of Bereishit Genesis Chapter 18

I Samuel 15

To me, these two stories should be taken very seriously as Gd's instructions today.

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