Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Trump Stepped in It, "Deal?" Bleh ๐Ÿคฎ

I can't find the post/item from early in Donald Trump's political/presidential career in which he said that there can never be an imposed peace; the parties have to negotiate themselves. But I do remember blogging about it with enthusiasm. Unfortunately for all, including Trump's eventual record as United States President, someone, or the dangerous feeling of omnipotence as POTUS, turned his head.

Donald Trump and his close staff, including his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner, have stepped in it for sure with their so-called "Deal of the Century." It's not a "deal." It's a dangerous proposal they want to impose on Israel and our neighbors enemies.

Even if it's better for Israel than all previous proposals, it won't give us PEACE.

The closest thing to true peace and security for the State of Israel and the Jewish People world over would be:

  • The State of Israel must declare full SOVEREIGNTY over all the Land we still hold, which had been liberated in the 1967 Six Days War. 
  • We must make it perfectly clear that there's nothing to negotiate. 
  • All terrorists caught in the act must be executed immediately, no trial and no cushy jail time. 
  • The PA-Palestine Authority must be disbanded.
  • Har Habayit, the Temple Mount must be administered by Jews, full Jewish rights to worship including a suitable building until the Third Temple is complete.
Those are the basic principles. Once our enemies realize we mean business, life will be more peaceful, Gd willing.

Photo taken by me at the Shiloh Hakeduma Hologram showing worship in the Biblical Tabernacle in Shiloh


Debbie Dan said...

Kol Hakovod Batya! Right on!!!!

Batya said...

Debbie, thanks

Robin Ticker said...


Batya said...

for sure

Marcel Cousineau said...

How Did Israel Lose Sovereignty And Become Slaves Again ?

Imperial slave master America reminds Israel who is the slave and who is their master !

US Ambassador to Israel : Before annexing Israeli towns Committe approval needed

Friedman clarified that Israel would first need to present detailed maps to a joint US-Israel committee before receiving official US recognition of the move.

"The Master & Slave agreement that we have with the Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] is that in exchange for Israel agreeing to freeze the territory that is allocated to a [future] Palestinian state and accepting our plan, we will form a joint committee to convert the conceptual map into more details...

The US bully empire masquerades as a 'friend' but operates the same way the devil does. Once you invite him in he takes over !


Batya said...

Yes, horrid. A big con.

Sneha Sharma said...

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