Friday, July 12, 2019

Israeli Elections 2019 Redo, I'm Bored & You?

I just can't get excited about the "redo" upcoming Knesset Elections.

For a "political junkie" like myself, this is an awful confession. I haven't a clue as to which party I should vote for. I don't want to "waste" my vote again, but I don't like the choices.

I'm not happy with a lot of what Bibi Netanyahu has done, but the competition is a gazillion times worse.

I can't stand those who control Mafdal, National Religious Party NRP-Jewish Home or whatever they're called now.

The thought of giving my vote to a party that has Moshe Feiglin turns my stomach.

Am I the only Israeli who feels like this? Please, tell me. Try to make me feel better.

It's Friday morning. Shabbat's tonight, and the pool should be open soon. Plus we have a busy family day today Gd willing.

It's summer, and even though I'm on a "full time vacation" now, it's the season to feel like "holiday mode."

Gd willing, it'll all work out...

Shabbat Shalom uMevorach
May You have a Blessed Shabbat

No idea what this is, just like no idea which party I'll vote for in the "redo" elections.


sweiller said...
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sweiller said...

For me there is no wasting votes, each vote is a trial.
IMHO Bibi is not a biblical king of Israel (BTW related to Benjamin, not Yehuda) then I won't ask him to do everything right or to be moraly perfect.
What I see is the big image ... He is working hand in hand with Trump - a guy who I appreciate very much - for the defense of Israel and a safer world. Then I would like his team to be stronger by my vote. As said what you the dangers you see when you are at the head of Israel, you don't see when you are not ! I understand the life around Gaza is very hard nowadays but we are jewish, we cannot solve this problem like Russians would do ! We need help from the nations to do it properly ... Maybe it is working like this under the table.
Best regards,

Miriam said...

Oh Batya, you are not alone..I haven't a clue whom to vote for. I really dislike Netanyahu, the way he is always appeasing Hamas. He is allowing Israel to show weakness. But them again, the right parties can't get their act together. They are too busy keeping Shaked from taking over the leadership..what nonsense. She would bring the right more votes..Their manly egos are in the way. I too really do not like Zehut...why did Bennett team up with him is the question. So at this point, I think I will wait until the very last day and probably hold my nose and vote Likud...Shabbat Shalom.

Batia said...

I totally agree with you Batya!! Very well written!! You said everything exactly right!! You should publish it so more people can see this. Shabbat Shalom!!

Mr. Cohen said...

In a recent election in Brooklyn [New York City],
there were six candidates for local judge.

According to my reading of the ballot form,
it seemed that all six candidates were running
unopposed, meaning that the voters had no choice.

All six candidates were female.
Does that mean that male candidates
were excluded for political reasons?


Mr. Ross Perot
(two-time USA Presidential candidate) said:

“Israel is a beacon in its part of the world
in terms of its democratic government.

It is a role model to the others there…”

SOURCE: Remembering Ross Perot’s
relationship with Israel and the American Jewish
by Jackson Richman, 2019 July 10


Evelyn Gordon
[a journalist living in Israel] said:

“Palestinians’ rights matter when
targeted by Israel, but not when
targeted by the Palestinian Authority.

And Israeli rights never matter,
except when violated by Israel.”

SOURCE: When human rights
become acceptable collateral damage

by Evelyn Gordon, 2019 July 3


Mr. Sean Savage said:

“…the ADL has uncovered virulently
anti-Semitic passages in Qatari state textbooks.

These books claim that:

Jewish people are treacherous,
seek to conquer the world and follow
a perverted, invalid religion.

The books also contained numerous
examples of anti-Christian bigotry,
as well as incitement against the West.”

Qatar’s government also funds the
International Union of Muslim Scholars,
whose Secretary-General openly denies
the Holocaust, according to the
Middle East Media Research Institute.”

SOURCE: Qatar’s ‘big win’ in
White House visit unlikely to bridge vast policy
, by Mr. Sean Savage, 2019 July 9

Anonymous said...

Hi exactly feels the same! I'll vote for Likud, because I just don't want to see anyoneelse than Bibi as Prime Minister. Sure, he's not perfect; but as you said, far way better for our economy and security than everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I actually think Feiglin is a sensible person.
Am I the only Israeli who feels this way?

Batya said...

Sorry, a 12/7/19 14:03, but Feiglin is awful.
a 12/7/19 13:25, maybe
Mr. Cohen, no connection
Batia, Miriam, thanks
Sylvain, goo point

Mr. Cohen said...

Am Normali:
New Religious Zionist Party
Created To Fight Toava Values:

Yakov Butterfield said...

Looking at the "Polls", I figure that no one will get a majority to form a government so there will be elections after this election. As for who to vote for. I think my kitten has more determination, drive and real concern then any of the "Traditional" MKs. They just want the power.

Batya said...

Yakov, there seems to be a lot of apathy. The winning side will be the one to galvanize its supporters, since voter turnout will be low.