Sunday, September 13, 2020

Forget "Herd Immunity," "Swedish Model," It's Evil

Israelis who don't like the idea of wearing a mask and keeping "social distance" to avoid contracting or spreading coronavirus/COVID tout the "Herd Immunity," "Swedish Model." Unfortunately they're ignoring the truth. It's evil.  "Herd Immunity," "Swedish Model" is just a benign sounding euphemism for Survival of the Fittest, or killing off the weak.

They see the financial ramification of this policy is "good," because it eliminates the physically weaker members of society. The old and weak are the people who will get sick and die much earlier. 

The higher the average age in a country the more vulnerable its financial stability. They have fewer young productive earners supporting the needs of the elderly and medically vulnerable. Allowing a pandemic to rage "eliminates" those who will be costing the country large sums over the years.

Thank Gd Israeli politicians, as rotten as they may seem at times, have been trying to protect the elderly and weak.

I just hope and pray that ordinary Israelis will be willing to keep their masks on and follow the other guidelines to keep us all safe and healthy. Please remember that even previously healthy people have died or become infirm from corona/COVID, not just the obviously vulnerable.


Yochanan said...

Being Swedish myself, I think it's worth pointing out that "herd immunity" was never the strategy of the Swedish authorities. That's an Internet meme. They tried to protect the elderly and they failed, that's what happened.

Batya said...

interesting, thanks for the clarification
It's an elderly country, average age is over 40, while Israel's average age is a decade younger. That means that Sweden would have to try much harder to protect elderly.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Batya,
It may be a few days early, but here is wishing you and all your family a Happy Shana Tova.

May you and yours be blessed with all good.. Amen.

May we see Mashiach soon. Amen.

Thanks for your interesting blog. :)


Batya said...

Nonee, amen, thank you so much.
All the best to you.

Mr. Cohen said...

Dear Batya,

I wish you, and all Jews who are loyal to
the Land of Israel and the traditional
ancient faith of Israel very favorable
decrees on Rosh HaShanah and
a very easy fast on Yom Kippur.

Concerning the enemies of Israel,
and the sick wicked disloyal “Jews”
who choose to help the enemies of Israel,
even though they are themselves Jews,
they should all drop dead,
every single one of them,
the sooner the better,

Mr. Cohen

PS: Off-topic, but worthy:

The Shidduch Question That Must Not Be Asked
by Rabbi Chananya Weissman:

Batya said...

Gd's waiting for repentance