Sunday, August 30, 2020

Yes, Things are a Mess Here

Blogger is having some sort of age crises and has decided to make major changes. The graphics/layout that has kept me happy for years has gone demented or to the "next world." I've just wasted tons of time trying to restore it all, but for nought. AKA yes, I've failed.

At the present this is the best I can do.


I don't have any more patience for this. It's just a "blog," not major heath, life/death whatever.

No real surprise that they've chosen a time when we're masked, almost gagged.

Gd willing, I'll soon be laughing about it. Yes, this blogger mess should be my biggest problem.


Anonymous said...

Hello Batya, first Shavua Tov,

Thank Gd the problem was with the your blog, oh, i do not mean anything bad... i just thought it was my computer gone crazy, like people going crazy ..LoL.

Yes, things are getting messed up everywhere. In the end, the good and truth will survive... Amen.

take care and we all must just hang in there, for B'H, this too will pass. Amen.


Batya said...

Yes, so true.
This post explains why my blog suddenly looks different.

Linda Starr said...

I hate stuff like this too! So far, I don't think my blog (which I started with Blogger around January, 2006) has gone too far out of whack, but I've been just dreading all these changes. At 75, I don't think I have the energy to try and fix all of it :-(

I just discovered another problem with Windows 10--Microsoft Edge keeps hijacking the .pdf app no matter how often you keep changing it to something else (like, say, Adobe). It's driving people crazy (I had to spend some time going through the Microsoft complaints).

Cross fingers.

It's a lot of work and heart to keep posting and it should stay as a part of history I think!


Batya said...

Linda, glad I'm not alone. The past few days my phone insists on being full-time in Bluetooth mode. I'd turn it off but it went back immediately. I gave up.