Tuesday, January 14, 2020

First Blog "Carnival," Roundup of 2020, Tevet 5780

Winter in the Holyland, when a "nice day" means gentle rain, because if we don't get enough rainfall in the winter, we'll suffer dangerous drought throughout the following year and beyond.

Gd willing, I'll provide you with lots of interesting and varied reading material from Jewish and Israeli blogs. Of course, I'm only responsible for my own blog posts, not the opinions of others. And I do try to provide a variety of blogs and articles.

Make yourself comfortable with hot coffee or a bowl of soup, or read while traveling in bus or train or plane. I'm always interested in meeting new blogs, so if you have any to suggest, please let me know in the comments. You're also invited to give your opinions concerning which posts or blogs your enjoyed the most.

All I will do is list the titles, and hope that you feel tempted to click and read. Most bloggers are happy to read your comments. We don't like to feel we're blogging to an empty cloud of nothingness. Enjoy, and please tell me what you think.

Pharaoh – The Original Anti-Semite!
Harry and Meghan and the Parsha of Names
WATCH: Al Pacino and the Nazi Hunters
Something to talk about
Harvey's Smokehouse, Must Return
Signs--- The Times They Are A Changin’
The Koren Talmud: A Landmark in Jewish Publishing
Israel Is Ready
Parshas Vayechi Divrei Torah and Insights 5780
An Open Window
Hagibor Brewery: A short introduction
Geula Cohen, Genuine Israeli Hero
Barry Liben z"l
Yes, Muslims Occupied Palestine
Asaf Romirowsky – Don’t Confuse Me With Facts. It’s Always About the “Occupation”
Third Try Israeli Elections, I Vote H盲agen-Dazs
Kahlon To Quit Politics, Spend More Time With Failed Economic Policies
Fantastic Salad Deal in Ariel

Nu? Which post was the most fun to read? Which got you the angriest or made you laugh or cry? Don't be shy.

Once upon a time there was a weekly Jewish blog carnival called Havel Havelim and also a monthly Kosher Cooking Carnival, and they floated from blog to blog....


Refoel Berel C said...

Thanks for including my post in here!

Kol tuv!

Batya said...

My pleasure; keep blogging.