Monday, December 17, 2018

Only in Israel, Terror Victims, Cared for by All

Decades ago, when a horrendous fatal car accident halved a local family, the injured survivors were cared for in the same hospital room, where they sat shiva together. Many times since, I've seen pictures of hospitalized family members, of both sexes and various ages, in the same hospital room. It's a very humane and comforting policy, which doesn't exist in other countries.

The young couple, Shira and Amichai Ish-Ran, who as a result of an Arab terror attack outside of Ofra, not only were injured, but as a result of Shira's injury, their baby didn't survive. They are now together in Shaare Tzedek Hospital in the same room. Obviously, after such physical, medical and emotional trauma, they have a lot to deal with. Separation would have only made it worse.

According to Jewish Law, there's no mourning, shiva-all the usual restrictions, after the death of a tiny baby under a month old, so friends came to sing to them.

Do you see this in other countries? Only in Israel.


Anonymous said...

God bless that couple.

So nice that they are together in the same room, they grieve together, and of-course they hurt at this beautiful loss, so lovingly anticipated.

They have an angel in Heaven for them... and

Gd bless those family and friends who come to sing and show their love and caring to this young couple.. They will be blessed..


and yes have not heard this happening anywhere else in the world. Lets hope others learn if such happens to anyone anyway... This is the thing that would bring physical and even spiritual healing for those in a similar or other hurtful situation.

May no one have to face this please Gd, but its a cruel world and bad hurtful things happen.

May Mashiach come... and put an end to all torment and suffering going on everywhere.. Amen.

May this couple soon recover and be home soon... May they be blessed with all they need and want... Amen.

and yes... for now.. Only in Israel, such love and concern in the Hospitals.

Bless you too Batya and yours. Amen.


Batya said...