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Monday, July 11, 2016

Ladies, Boycott "Always"

As you would most probably guess, I'm past the age of needing "Always" and similar products. But I must admit that in my day, that was the brand I frequently bought. A few days ago, a friend tipped me off about the fact that "Always" supports UNESCO. Yes, that means that every time you buy a package, you're supporting an international organization that downplays and denies the Jewish connection to our holiest sites. UNESCO also accepted Palestine, sic as a member since 2011.

What a sorry state of affairs when women have to choose their sanitary napkins according to politics!

And even worse... Did you notice the blue P&G logo?


Always is a product of a very large company that makes other iconic products like Pampers, Tampax and Tide! If you have any of these at home or see them in a store, please check to see if they, too, give some of their profits to UNESCO or a similar type of NGO. Please comment with relevant information.

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