Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Challenge to All Who Think Judicial Reform for Israel is Dangerous

Just a simple challenge to help clarify what's happening in Israel. 

All I want to know from you...

Please list five 5 democracies, five democratic countries, that have a judicial system like Israel's is now. 

The points that have to coincide (be the same) are:

1- Sitting justices choose who will be new justices.
2- Justices can decide according to their concept of "reasonableness." This includes overriding all parliament decisions, total veto power.
3- Cases for the Supreme Court can go there directly, without first going through lower courts
4- Attorney General can veto all sorts of government decisions unilaterally. Again with the rationale of "reasonableness."
Israeli Flags waving at the entrance of Mamilla Mall, not far from 
what had been the border between Israel and Jordanian Occupied Jerusalem from 1949-1967


Shimshy said...

It increasingly seems that the Courts and Yoamashim rule the country.
The Knesset has an advisory role that is not binding.
Sounds satirical but if you are following events in Israel in the last few weeks you will have seen that this is basically the declared position of the Police and the Intelligence agencies and possibly the army.

Batya said...

Yes, horrible and not democracy of any stripe.