Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz at Ancient Tel Shiloh

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, Gd willing we'll be back again praying together in Ancient Tel Shiloh, Shiloh Hakeduma.
Rosh Chodesh Tammuz 5780, ראש חודש תמוז תש"פ
Women's Prayers at Tel Shiloh
תפילת נשים בשילה הקדומה
8:30 Monday and Tuesday 22 + 23/06 'ימי ב' וג

All Invited כולן מוזמנות
info: פרטים
Yes, you read it correctly. I decided to experiment and invite for both days of Rosh Chodesh Tammuz. It will herald one of those months that has the 30th day of the previous month and the first of the new one, both as Rosh Chodesh requiring Hallel, the Rosh Chodesh Musaf and Yaale viyavo...

I hope and pray that women will attend at least one of the Rosh Chodesh Prayers.

The chances are that face masks will still be required, even though our prayers are outdoors. We must take into account that there are senior citizens and others with compromised immune systems in our prayer group.

Ancient Tel Shiloh, Shiloh Hakeduma is a wonderful archeological site, and it's possible to arrange tours and other activities for visitors of all ages. For more information Phone: 02-5789122,

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