Thursday, June 18, 2020

Corona, COVID-19 Safe "Visits," Check Out Some Blogs

Take advantage of being home more for entertaining yourself on your phone, computer or tablet to read some blog posts. The blogs I follow are the independent ones, not those supplementing op-eds on the online version of various newspapers. Bloggers like myself writer our own material and mostly use our own photographs and graphics. We're not in danger of being "pulled" by antagonistic editors or in competition for prominence for a good spot to attract readers.

A fellow blogger made this graphic for me when I hosted
the 89th Havel Havelim, Jewish-Israeli Blog Round-Up
Some blogs are very personal, while others follow the news. There are food blogs, frugal blogs, book/literary blogs, photo blogs, religious blogs, and some have evolved into what can be best described as "internet magazines."

Years ago, there were frequent, often weekly, blog carnivals aka "roundups" in which the host offered a selection of links to blog posts from many other blogs. And every once in awhile I return to that genre. This is one of those occasions.

As is my custom, I'm just listing the blog post titles for you to click. Remember, I'm not responsible for the content of any blog post other than my own. If you have anything to say about the various blog posts, comment on the individual blog. And if there are any blogs you recommend, please let me know in the comments here, thanks.


Portrait of the Artist During LA Riots… Jew With A Gun
Mountains To Conquer, And Those Already Scaled
Simply Delicious Power Salad
Little Minyans Everywhere
The Past Three Months Have Been Harder Than I Realized
Forbidden, Allowed, or Obligated?
Where the ‘Woke’ Left Learn From and Defend Antisemites
The Tool That Is Twitter
Dangers of "Half" or "Partial" Sovereignty
Ears of Philosophy
Wisdom of the Fathers
Jewish Folklore and One of Its Lessons
The six week mark
Fantastic Israeli Second Hand Book Store
Rosh Chodesh Tammuz at Ancient Tel Shiloh

Which blog post did you like the best and why?

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Neshama said...

Batya, can you help here:
Something must be done about this. ISRAEL needs a MASS PROTEST across the country to stop this theft. We need to contact supporters all over to create protests simultaneously in all the cities. On the same day and call the papers to attend. Send a BIG NO NO to Kushner, the creator of this catastrophe. I don’t have the readership for this. Can you help and solicit others via your blog to help


Batya said...

I don't have much readership either.
America is in turmoil, and Israel is reeling from 3 elections, a bloated incompatible coalition, and we're all trying to stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

Please do not panic or despair.

The best weapon is Prayer or Teshuva.

Prayer and Teshuva will also help to wake people up, and perhaps people will wake up to respond what Neshama is wanting to happen to help her people, and the Holy Land of eretz Israel.

Neshama, may Gd hear and answer you ... Amen.

I am not a Jew, i am Noahide, and i am praying and doing teshuva too. I pray for the Chosen, and i pray for all good peoples, and all those like me who love Hashem and Eretz Israel.

Hashem will protect!! Perhaps, we all have to undergo some pain, but all those who hang on, i believe with my heart, will see the triumph of Israel with... Amen v'Amen.


Batya said...

Thanks, we must combine following doctors' recommendations with prayer.

Mr. Cohen said...

message from Rabbi Yerachmiel Seplowitz
and Rabbi Aaron Glatt MD (2020 June 19):

“Unfortunately many in our community have apparently decided that the COVID pandemic is over. Last week I stood outside a gas station pumping gas and watched the dozen or so people walking into the station to pay, buy coffee, etc.

The ONE person who wore a mask was the ONE non-member of our community.

Rabbi Aaron Glatt MD, head of the Infectious Diseases Department at Mount Sinai Hospital in Long Island told me that he believes that masks are a CHIYUV and that the Minyan should NOT proceed until all participants put on masks and social distance.

He said that many people died because the CDC didn't originally encourage masks. Although B"H the NY numbers are in a downward direction, people are still getting sick and people are still dying R"L.

Whether one chooses to Daven b'Tzibbur nowadays is a personal decision.
But in my humble opinion, if there are no Minyanim around that follow the guidelines, it is a Mitzvah Gedolah to Daven B'yechidus.”


Batya said...

Big problem

lgstarr said...

I didn't read them all. But I posted "The Last Three Months Have Been Harder Than I Realized" because it really affected me, living in a retirement community in Arizona and not having anyone in life but my husband.

Batya said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time. My friends and I have found Skype and zooming very helpful to feel community.

lgstarr said...

Thank you, Batya :-)