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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Rather Be Jailed Than Buried

Musings #89
December 21, ‏2004
The 9th of Tevet

Rather Be Jailed Than Buried
“Yoter Tov BiKelleh MeKever”

Twenty-three years ago, when we were rather new to Shiloh, I remember hearing my neighbor say that she had instructed her husband that she’d rather see him jailed than buried. Unfortunately that’s a choice many have made, and things aren’t getting any better. There are quite a few Jews imprisoned or tangled in legal quagmires due to the fact that a Jew in danger who ends up killing or injuring an Arab is severely prosecuted and punished. The only way to prove self-defense is to be dead or very seriously wounded, and then you still must prove that the Arab started it, and you had no other way to stop him.

When I was run over in a terror attack, less than ten years ago, the police spent a lot of time and money trying to prove that it could have had been an accident and weren’t interested in hearing the testimonies of the survivors. In addition, the young men who shot the terrorist dead were interrogated, and it took a long time until they were finally cleared of murder charges.

This “catch 22 situation” is no joke. There are many who believe that it is the reason why the soldier Kfir Okayon was killed in April 2004. Just a few days before he had been reprimanded and threatened by the army with punishment for pointing his weapon at an Arab who wouldn’t cooperate when being inspected for arms and explosives. Trying to “obey orders” and being gentle with the terrorists cost him his life.

Recently, another absurd story was in the news. Almost ten years ago, in the spring of 1995, during at time of terror attacks, Avraham Ofir, then an IDF soldier, came across an Arab vehicle that refused to stop for inspection, and when the vehicle crashed the Arabs fled, ignoring requests in Arabic to stop. You don’t need even half a brain to infer that they were acting suspiciously, and were most probably terrorists. Therefore Avraham shot them when they ran into a house.

For this he was demoted and worse, and not long ago his nightmare resumed as the state began legal action against him. And not to keep you in suspense, the Tel Aviv District Court withdrew the indictment against him, on charges of killing an Arab fugitive – charges for which he was tried in a military court nine years ago. Details can be found in the following news story.

There’s an organization that helps people who get into those “Twilight Zone” situations. It’s called “Honenu.” The person who runs it is Shmuel Meidad (no relation) of Hebron. It’s the only civil rights organization that supports Jewish civil rights. Unfortunately it is very busy. Many people need them, because the police, law and the court system here look for ways to make us pay for our self-defense.

I recommend contacting them for more information by calling: 02-960-5558 or cellphone 852-869-3999. Or by email at

I pray that none of us, nor any of our friends and family will ever need their help. One of the ways of protecting ourselves and our dear ones is to help Honenu.

Batya Medad, Shiloh
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