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Monday, March 18, 2013

What Disturbs Me The Most About The New Israeli Government Coalition

There isn't yet a festive photo of the crew, that exclusive new club, THE ISRAELI CABINET MINISTERS.  But the Jerusalem Post describes the results of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's wily ego shuffling.  It's like trying to fit the contents of a mansion into a small apartment.  I'm copy/pasting the most important parts of that article:
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu late on Sunday night appointed Yuval Steinitz as Minister of International Relations and Silvan Shalom as Energy and Water Minister, resolving feuding over portfolios in a series of late-night meetings with Likud MKs, Army Radio reported.
Shalom is to also maintain his role as Minister of the Development of the Negev and Galilee and Regional Cooperation, Army Radio reported. Shalom will also be a member of the ministerial committee in charge of the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.
In negotiations earlier on Sunday, the prime minister appointed Moshe Ya'alon Defense Minister.
Likud's Danny Danon will serve as Deputy Defense Minister.
Gideon Sa'ar will become Interior Minister, as expected. He said on his way out of his meeting with Netanyahu that he plans to bring reforms to the ministry, as he did as Education Minister.
Gilad Erdan received the Home Front Security and Communications portfolios, with a few extra responsibilities.
Erdan, who was considered a candidate to replace Ambassador to the US Michael Oren, will be responsible for the strategic relationship with the US. The position essentially means he is in charge of strategic dialogs with the US twice a year. In addition, he will be a member of the security cabinet, along with Netanyahu, Ya'alon, Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid, Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett and Hatnua leader Tzipi Livni.
The Communications Ministry will be expanded to include the Israel Broadcast Agency and the Government Publications Bureau.
As planned, Bennett will be Economy and Trade Minister, Uri Ariel will be Housing and Construction Minister, Uri Orbach received the Pensioners’ Affairs portfolio, and Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan will be Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs.
Nissan Slomiansky, who was an MK for over 10 years, will be chairman of the powerful Knesset Finance Committee, and Avi Wortzman, former deputy mayor of Beersheba, will be Deputy Education Minister.
I don't know if anyone's happy, at least not in the Likud and Yisrael Beitenu parties.  There weren't too many pickings left over after Bibi handed out the goodies to Livni, Lapid and Bennett.

There's something that really bothers me about this coalition.  I felt it in my kishkes, and I had trouble saying what it really is.  Then I saw the latest Dry Bones, which put my feelings in clearer terms, not that Ya'akov says it in his cartoon.

Dry Bones

There's something inherently undemocratic in a government coalition which aims to change the lives of a large and growing sector of the country/society while refusing them the rights to join the coalition and help draft the laws to make the changes just and possible.

Yes, I'm referring to the forcing of chareidim to be drafted into the IDF.

Now please get me right.  I am not in favor of their (chareidi) universal policy idealizing a life a just learning Torah.  I don't see it as Jewish.  It's not.  It's more like the Christian monasteries and nunneries with the crucial difference that the chareidim marry and are encourage to have lots of children.  It's also a Christian, not Jewish, belief that "men of the cloth" shouldn't bear arms, serve in armies etc.

But I don't think its just nor moral for some sectors of society to try to legislate major changes in the lives of others.  It unfortunately smacks of the early days of the State of Israel when religious immigrant children were sent to secular Aliyat Hanoar schools and worse.

The making of changes must be done gradually and with the cooperation of the affected sector of society.  That means the the only fair, just and democratic way to increase the draft of charedim must be done with their cooperation.  In recent years more chareidim have joined the army, and more chareidim are studying key secular subjects and professions and working.  This will take time. 

Blocking chareidim from the government coalition means that the government will seem like (or actually be) a dictatorship, rather than a democracy.

Netanyahu, Lapid, Bennett and Livni are making a big immoral and undemocratic mistake.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nu? The New Israeli Government, Will it Be Good for The Jews?

Yes, even here in Israel we must always ask that question:

Will it Be Good for The Jews?

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's latest coalition government has many competing factions.
MK Tzipi Livni, Israel’s newest Justice Minister, stressed on Saturday that she would not support the basic law bill “Israel is the national state of the Jewish people,” whose promotion is part of the new coalition agreements with the Jewish Home party.

Maybe "competing" is too gentle a word.

Netanyahu is hoping to be able to control his warring partners, certainly long enough to see himself soaring in the polls and trying for better election results.  Bibi's Likud and partner Israel Beitenu bombed terribly in the recent elections, losing a critical amount of Knesset seats.  His formal announcement to President Peres was the easy part.  Governing with such partners will no doubt be the greatest challenge to Netanyahu's political career.

Livni's chance of being Prime Minister is now nil, but by controlling the Justice Ministry she will have a lot of power.  That's why she demanded it.  And unfortunately, Bibi gave in.

Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett have both been promoting themselves as Centrists, just like Bibi had done earlier in his political career, since neither are shy about admitting that they dream of holding the top position, Prime Minister.  Right now they are working together against Bibi, but when they weaken him sufficiently, no doubt their alliance will crumble, like very fresh matzah.

Do I feel sorry for Bibi?  No!

Binyamin Netanyahu made his bed when he put pragmatic secular politics over Jewish values and Jewish History and Jewish Rights to The Land of Israel.  Our greatest leaders, from Biblical time onwards were those who could see that G-d controls the big picture.

That's why the only two of the "spies" who had been sent to לתור latur, stakeout The Land, Numbers Chapter 13 בְּמִדְבַּר who merited to enter it forty years later were the ones who trusted that G-d would make it possible for the Jewish People to rule it as Jews.

Remember that our first king, the Benjaminite Saul was deposed by G-d as punishment for not obeying His orders.  G-d replaced Saul with David who understood the Power of G-d could overcome all human power and weapons.

Too bad that Benzion Netanyahu didn't name his second son David...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Instead of Picking a Logo for the Obama Visit, Bibi Should Construct His New Coalition

From IMRA's photo page
Is this legitimate?  There was something that seemed a bit, let's say "screwy" so I searched further and found the source, Bibi's the Prime Minister of Israel's facebook page and a selection of possible logos:

But in all honesty, Netanyahu may be busy with a new election campaign when Obama is scheduled to visit.  He can't form a government coalition without NRP aka Bayit Yehudi and Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid.  The numbers don't work well without those two "large" parties.

The bad blood between Netanyahu and NRP's Bennett and his long time sidekick Ayelet Shaked seems to be a lot worse than anything I had originally imagined.  The foreplay is getting dangerous.
Photo credit: Miriam Alster/FLASH90
“During the campaign, [Jewish Home leader] Naftali Bennett promised his voters that he supported Benjamin Netanyahu, and even put his picture alongside a photo of the prime minister on billboards to highlight the level of cooperation he planned after the election,” the Likud source told Israel Hayom. “But immediately after the elections, Bennett entered an alliance with [Yesh Atid head] Yair Lapid.”
The source said Bennett’s move amounts to “voter fraud. Using his agreement with Lapid, Bennett is working to prevent the establishment of a nationalist government.”
As wily and experienced a politician as PM Netanyahu is, I wonder if he can break the Bennett-Lapid alliance well enough to get them to work for him.  According to NRP aka Bayit Yehudi's campaign, you'd think that Likud-Beitenu would be the best political partner and not more Left-secular Yesh Atid, but Bennett has been playing us for suckers.  OK, maybe not me, since I didn't vote for him. 

Lots of people voted for NRP because his party had strong pro-Jewish life in the Land of Israel candidates for Knesset.  They expected it to be like "Otzmah-lite."  They and Likud kept harping on the "certainty" that Otzmah LeYisrael wouldn't make get the minimal votes needed, which became a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Now we just have a "lame duck" government waiting to be replaced. 

Whose fault is it?  Does Bennett think he'll get more seats if elections are held soon?  Or will people be fed up with this egotistical brinkmanship?
In this game, someone has to blink first. On the one hand, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's associates say Likud-Beytenu will not agree to exclude ultra-Orthodox parties in the next coalition while inviting control of the next government by Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett and Yesh Atid head Yair Lapid.

Netanyahu's associates say he would rather call for new elections than answer to Bennett's obstinacy to stand by Lapid in his demand to exclude the haredim. On the other hand, Bennett's associates say that he will never break his alliance with Lapid, even if that means toppling Netanyahu. In order to prevent going to elections again if a government cannot be formed, someone needs to fold. The big question now is who.
I still think that the Israeli Government should have told the American one to freeze the idea of a visit until after coalition negotiations were completed successfully.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

No Christmas War in Israel

Posted by Jewish Israel

No Christmas War in Israel:
While “the War on Christmas” rages in America, secular Israelis – on a government level – have no problem stepping on Jewish sensitivities in the Jewish State. Official declarations of “Merry Christmas”, “Season’s Greetings”, and “Happy New Year “ are ringing forth from Jerusalem, and all of the state’s apparatchiks seem to be getting into the act this season.

But it’s not just a problem with secular officials, as the Torah observant are no longer shunning the subject and Jesus and Christmas. Jewish Israel notes that the Aish.com site appears to have been hacked by Santa’s elves and we’ve just posted yet another rather “christmassy” video of Rabbi Riskin.

Take a look at how secular and religious Jews in Israel ring in the season…more

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rather "Forked Tongue." Isn't It?

You can't blame the world for having incorrect expectations from Bibi Netanyahu's government, when it speaks with a forked tongue.
Bibi's version of "center" seems more of a tease in all directions than a true and consistent ideology. It's not going to satisfy the world. And it counteracts all of the reasons Netanyahu gives for his anti-Pseudistinian State statements.
The present Israeli Government is a confusing hodge-podge of power-hungry politicians willing to sign anything for a Volvo*. They have no agreed ideology and policy even concerning life and death, the survival of the Jewish State.
Israeli citizens are neither secure, confident nor comforted knowing that this disparate group is in charge.
*The free use of a Volvo is the symbolic perk for Israeli Government Ministers.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wife of Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister is a “Born Again Believer”

Posted by Ellen Horowitz for Jewish Israel

She may be "born again", but this “Judeo-Christian union” could be the death of us all (G-d forbid)…

Evangelical Christian Anne Ayalon, the wife of Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon, can be seen and heard on Daystar Television kvelling (sic!) about Jesus’s ministry in Israel (see 8 minutes into the video).

Daystar is a premier missionary network with “a singular goal—to reach souls with the good news of Jesus Christ”, and I guess Mrs. Ayalon considers it good news that, "Eighty percent of Jesus' ministry is up in the Galilee. You walk there and you just feel god's love!"

It’s reportedly not the first time that Anne has used her position as the wife of a Jewish Israeli leader to “share her testimony about Jesus “ . As the wife of the former Ambassador of Israel to the United States, it appears Mrs. Ayalon witnessed on the banquet circuit…

Here’s a choice excerpt from Charles Carrin Ministries:

"While I was surprised by the Ambassador and his wife’s youthfulness, I was more astounded that Anne Ayalon used the Banquet-occasion to share her testimony about Jesus. She is a born-again believer. Speaking before high-ranking Jewish delegates, Washington’s media-reporters, and other international figures, she told of her love for Jesus and even gave a capable explanation of God’s Trinitarian nature. I sat there astonished. Never have I witnessed more graciousness, more spiritual beauty, or more gentleness than she displayed. No one could have criticized her loveliness. The incoming Ambassador’s wife, Noa Meridor, listened attentively as she spoke. More so, I was overwhelmed, wondering about the effects of such a woman becoming Israel’s First Lady. Pray for this couple!"

Israel better pray long and hard that its Jewish leaders come back to themselves and to their people.

(this report first appeared on JewishIsrael)